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    i love my husband. he is truly my best friend.
    my daughter, vivian darling, has made my world even bigger & better.
    i love dance.
    i studied graphic design in college.
    seattle is the best. and, i love living here.
    i love music.
    a good cup of coffee can make my day.
    i love food & sharing a meal with friends.
    i love a good story. i am addicted to books & movies.

    i love to photograph people.

kylee: class of 2017


Oh my goodness, it has been AWHILE since I’ve blogged. I’m just now starting to post all my Class of 2017 seniors from the summer and fall. I’ll pretend that I waited this long on purpose… because it’s actually 2017, it seems like a great time to share them all! Right?!

I am so glad I got to shoot with Kylee this summer. She is just as beautiful as this photo suggests. It’s all real. The shining smile is an outward show of her kind heart. She is confident, calm, so positive and just great to be around.


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my family at the beach


So, every so often – a lot less than I probably should – I photograph my own family. A few weeks ago, we were able to arrange a little family night at the beach. It was a bring your own picnic & beach chair kind of event. No planning. Just a place and a time. And, I told everyone to wear something they liked because I was going to bring my camera.

My original plan was to get out my tripod and use the timer for some large group shots, but alas, not everyone could make it. So, I decided it just made more sense to do small groups and get a few fun photos of us together instead.

Our Vivian, was the only kiddo in attendance, so she got lots of modeling in. I love her wild curls in the wind.

The result is really quite precious to me. Some of the most important people in my life, all gathered together on a beautiful evening, captured forever. I’m so grateful to have them, and that my family will put up with me asking them to pose for me at a picnic. 062716_scribner0020062716_scribner0076062716_scribner0082062716_scribner0087062716_scribner0096062716_scribner0113062716_scribner0126062716_scribner0131062716_scribner0144062716_scribner0185062716_scribner0197062716_scribner0247062716_scribner0258062716_scribner0270062716_scribner0273062716_scribner0280062716_scribner0293062716_scribner0300062716_scribner0309062716_scribner0318062716_scribner0321


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class of 2017 senior models: beach shoot {part 2}


For the second part of our senior model beach shoot, the girls broke off into smaller groups. The first group chose to go with a Festival/Coachella inspired look. I loved how they each interpreted the look a a little differently, but the colors and mood all went together. Doesn’t that first image make you feel like dancing?!


Next up, was the PNW look. Again, each girl had their own interpretation of what that meant. Jane ended up with a more hipster version of the PNW look, so we shot her individually.


The other girls were all about the Birkenstocks and Northface, so we grouped them as a trio!


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class of 2017 senior models: beach shoot


I am so lucky to have such an AMAZING team of young ladies to work with this year. Seriously. They make me so happy!

I decided to run my model team a little differently than I have in years past. I wanted to make them an actual team so I decided to plan some group activities (so we could all get to know each other better and, you know, have fun!). So far we’ve had brunch, a coffee date, and now this fun styled shoot at the beach.

I asked the girls to style the shoot themselves. For the large group look the chose boho. I love that they all maintained their sense of personal style. Everyone looks like they belong together, but they all look like individuals. Great job ladies!


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class of 2017 senior model: Emma


BSP Class of 2017 Senior Model: Emma

Lake Stevens High School

Describes her personality as: Very outgoing. She loves to make new friends and make people happy.

Describes her style as: Simple and easy going.

Loves high school because: She loves being a part of DECA and attending a school with so much pride and support.

Looking forward to life after high school because: She wants to get her life started and go to college for radiology. She’s ready to focus on her future and how she’s going to achieve her goals.

Fun fact: She is left handed, and so are both of her sisters and her mom!

Favorite thing about her shoot: “How fun and willing to help you are. I could always count on you to suggest a pose,  or if something didn’t look good to always suggest something else.”

Tips for other seniors: “It’s not as scary as it seems and you just have to have fun with it and be yourself.”


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