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    i love my husband. he is truly my best friend.
    my daughter, vivian darling, has made my world even bigger & better.
    i love dance.
    i studied graphic design in college.
    seattle is the best. and, i love living here.
    i love music.
    a good cup of coffee can make my day.
    i love food & sharing a meal with friends.
    i love a good story. i am addicted to books & movies.

    i love to photograph people.

class of 2017 senior model: Emma


BSP Class of 2017 Senior Model: Emma

Lake Stevens High School

Describes her personality as: Very outgoing. She loves to make new friends and make people happy.

Describes her style as: Simple and easy going.

Loves high school because: She loves being a part of DECA and attending a school with so much pride and support.

Looking forward to life after high school because: She wants to get her life started and go to college for radiology. She’s ready to focus on her future and how she’s going to achieve her goals.

Fun fact: She is left handed, and so are both of her sisters and her mom!

Favorite thing about her shoot: “How fun and willing to help you are. I could always count on you to suggest a pose,  or if something didn’t look good to always suggest something else.”

Tips for other seniors: “It’s not as scary as it seems and you just have to have fun with it and be yourself.”


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class of 2017 senior model: Delaney


BSP Class of 2017 Senior Model: Delaney

Henry M. Jackson High School

Describes her personality as: A nice person ho tries to stay true to herself while maintaining her sense of adventure.

Describes her style as: Versatile! She wears whatever she is feeling that day (everything from sweats to dresses).

Loves high school because: of all the possibilities ahead of her! She specifically loves cheering for football and basketball.

Looking forward to life after high school because: of college and medical school. She wants to do something in the pediatric field. She would also like to be on a dance/cheer team in college.

Fun fact: She loves to smile, cheer and now golf!

Favorite thing about her shoot: “My favorite thing about the shoot was how comfortable I felt! I was a little nervous at first but Brooks helped me feel more confident with the whole shoot! Even when we got caught in the rain I was having a good time!”

Tips for other seniors: “Some tips I would have for anyone that has senior pictures coming up is stay calm! There is no need for any stress and even if something comes up like a weather issue Brooks will make sure it’s all good!

Outfit details: “For my outfits, I really chose clothes I would feel comfortable in! I like to shop at Nordstroms, Pacsun, Brandy Melville and Urban Outfitters! ”


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class of 2017 senior model: Maddy


BSP Class of 2017 Senior Model: Maddy

Kamiak High School

Describes her personality as: pretty outgoing. She loves meeting new people. She is also a very positive person, and her family/friends are a very big part of her life.

Describes her style as: Maddy loves simplicity and she usually opts for outfits that don’t have too much going on, but still look cute and put together. She also usually sticks with a neutral color palette of black, white and gray.

Loves high school because: of the people! She runs cross country/track, so she is very close with her teammates. Having a large population at her school has helped her to meet some amazing people.

Looking forward to life after high school because: she’s hoping to study physical therapy in college, and hopes to attend either Montana State University or Pacific University.

Fun fact: She loves to bake. Cupcakes are her specialty!

Favorite thing about her shoot: “My favorite part about the shoot was how laid back it was. I was a bit nervous going into it, but having you show me all of the poses made it so much easier! It didn’t feel unnatural in any way.”

Tips for other seniors: “I would say to choose outfits/a location that is true to you. It’s fun to play around with different looks, but don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable just because it may look good on camera. Your pictures should reflect your personality.”

Outfit details: “Most of my clothes came from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21.”


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class of 2017 senior model: Jane


BSP Class of 2017 Senior Model: Jane

Ocean Research College Academy (ORCA)

Describes her personality as: Daring, riven & passionate. She always puts forth her best effort whether it be challenging herself academically, working hard at her volunteer position at the Seattle Aquarium, or expressing herself through art & dance. Kindness is paramount to her, and that is why besides practicing everyday kindness, she also spend time volunteering with the Aquarium and work with Girl Scouts.

Describes her style as: She finds fashion intriguing, and primarily shops at Topshop because she loves their fusion of modern and classic looks. Her all time favorite fashion icon is Audrey Hepburn, but she also looks up to modern icons like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

Loves high school because: Jane loves her unique school – ORCA – because she gets to do real hands-on undergraduate research surrounded by like-minded people. She loves the comradely that has formed throughout her school.

Looking forward to life after high school because: She wants to pursue a career as a woman in STEM. She is passionate about science and math, and has goals to earn her Ph.D. with a double major in chemistry and physics.

Fun fact: She technically started college when she was 15, so she will have her first degree by the time she turns 18!

Favorite thing about her shoot: “Unequivocally, my favorite thing about the photoshoot was  the location. I took a bit of a risk in choosing a unique location. The variety of scenery definitely made my photos personal. I also appreciate the honest and kind manner in which Brooks works with her clients in posing and outfit choices to create lovely portraits. Don’t worry about looking out of your element in you photos– Brooks will suggest poses and expressions to assure that you look great.”

Tips for other seniors: “I would recommend balancing exploring new realms with staying true to oneself. In the location and outfits I chose, I combined trendiness with self-expression. I chose a location that included what I love– nature, architecture, plants, and art.

To stay organized, I recommend organizing your accessories by outfit and using sandwich bags to keep everything separate.

Perhaps the most important tool for creating beautiful photos is self-love, no matter how you define it. Part of this experience is the opportunity to step back from the chaos of life and focus on finding yourself. Explore your definition of style. Honor your intuition. Radiant confidence is always photogenic.”

Outfit details: “I primarily shop at BP, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle. The right accessories are the perfect way to complete a look. Some of the crystals and charms I wore had more significance; they were passed down from my lovely mother or demonstrated an integral part of me (harmony with nature, philosophy of balance, etc).  I do think variety in every aspect of your outfits can help you make the most out of your photoshoot (though I will admit that I had a hard time not wearing Birkenstocks with every outfit).”


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class of 2017 senior model: carolyn


BSP Class of 2017 Senior Model: Carolyn

Kamiak High School

Describes her personality as: a nice person. She can be pretty shy when she first meets people but becomes super talkative when she gets comfortable. She is curious about others, and is always asking questions about people when she first meets them.

Describes her style as: Pretty casual. She loves wearing cardigans, scarves and boots in the colder months, and her North Face vest is her go to accessory.

Loves high school because: she has the opportunity to interact with so many people throughout the day. Each class is a whole new set of friends, and sometimes she gets to meet people she never would have otherwise.

Looking forward to life after high school because: she’s really excited about going to nursing school. She’s wanted to be nurse since she was in elementary school, and she can’t wait to learn skills that will help others.

Fun fact: Her first crush was Elmo (when she was 3).

Favorite thing about her shoot: “My favorite part of the shoot had to be getting my photos taken! I know it’s obvious but I had such a fun time getting my makeup done dressing up and having a photo shoot!!! I’m a complete girly girl so that was kind of fun. ”

Tips for other seniors: “The best tip I could give is if you don’t have any idea of location or what to wear is to look at Brooks’ previous models and use their photos as inspiration. It’s good to ideas of what you like and don’t like for location, photos, poses, clothes and makeup.”

Outfit details: “I got almost everything for my outfits at Nordstrom!” kamiak_senior_photos_1kamiak_senior_photos_2kamiak_senior_photos_3kamiak_senior_photos_4kamiak_senior_photos_5kamiak_senior_photos_6kamiak_senior_photos_7kamiak_senior_photos_8kamiak_senior_photos_9kamiak_senior_photos_10kamiak_senior_photos_12kamiak_senior_photos_13kamiak_senior_photos_14kamiak_senior_photos_15kamiak_senior_photos_16kamiak_senior_photos_17kamiak_senior_photos_19


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