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    i love my husband. he is truly my best friend.
    my daughter, vivian darling, has made my world even bigger & better.
    i love dance.
    i studied graphic design in college.
    seattle is the best. and, i love living here.
    i love music.
    a good cup of coffee can make my day.
    i love food & sharing a meal with friends.
    i love a good story. i am addicted to books & movies.

    i love to photograph people.

the beginning of our love story (happy valentine’s day)

Valentine’s Day will always and forever be a special day for my husband and I. It’s special to us because it’s the day we had our first “date” (of sorts) eleven years ago.

Garrett and I met the first day of college at The Art Institute of Seattle. Actually before that. It was orientation. I was nervous and shy, and just wanted to get through orientation and get out of there unnoticed. I sat by a girl who looked quiet (like myself) and settled in to listen to the usual orientation info and tour. Then in walks Garrett. Loudly sharing with everyone about his debacle of a commute and making jokes with people he didn’t know yet. And, he sat next to me. I was mortified. He was loud and attention-grabbing and I didn’t want anyone looking my way that day. We received our portfolio bags full of art/design supplies and he immediately started going through his bag enumerating all of the items he already had, and had been using for years (many of which I had never seen before). All I could think was how poorly I was going to do at this school. I didn’t know what anything even was, and here was this guy who had experience with it all (a complete overreaction, to put it mildly).

He doesn’t remember it, but I do.

Flash forward to first quarter. I was in the cafeteria with a few girl friends and we were exchanging phone numbers in hopes of planning a carpool to school. He walks by and says, “Hey ladies! Can I get in on those numbers?!” I still didn’t know him. So, I didn’t know it was a joke. The other girls at the table did know him, and they just rolled her eyes. I thought he was rather forward.

A few quarters into our program I had my first class with Garrett. This is when my opinion of him started to change. Suddenly I started to notice that this “obnoxious” guy was actually pretty funny and talented. He was nice. He’d stop by my desk to talk to me and I would look forward to it. Just goes to show that first impressions aren’t always right!

Finally, Winter quarter 2001, we sat by each other in a class. Alongside one of my best college friends, Jess. We three sat in the back corner and did our best to keep our eyes open during “Art and the Law,” entertaining each other with jokes and notes. Evidently Jess noticed my new found interest in Garrett, because one day on our ride home from school she asked me, “Do you like Garrett?” in her typical matter of fact tone. I told her I did. And, the very next week in class there she was making things happen. She asked Garrett what he was doing for Valentine’s Day, and proposed he hang out with us. Next thing I knew she was giving him my phone number and so it began. We had our very first “date” or whatever you would call it (it was more friendly than dately) on Valentine’s Day 2001.

The date itself was fun, but the important thing was that it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship (and eventually love) for us. We’ve long called Valentine’s Day our “friend-a-versary,” and I am so happy that this Valentine’s Day is the first that I am spending as Garrett’s wife. He is truly my best friend, and my favorite person in the entire world.

A big shout out to Jess for getting things started for us eleven year ago. It pays to have awesome friends.

Hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


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Rustic Wedding Blog Feature!

One of my “business” goals for for 2012 was to get my work featured on a few blogs, and I have been so pleased to have a few of my sessions and weddings accepted so early in the year! Especially when the features are in blogs as great as Rustic Wedding Chic, a blog that is dedicated solely to the couple planning a rustic or country wedding. See the feature here.

Garrett & I absolutely loved shooting Paris & Cody’s wedding! They are an awesome couple, full of energy and fun. Their wedding was stylish, modern, elegant and extremely well thought through. All of the details were just perfect. Their wedding party was tons of fun, and everyone who was there had an amazing time (us included). To see more of their wedding, check out the album on the BSP Facebook page!

Here are a few of my personal favorites from the day…

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Delightfully Engaged Feature!

Excited to share my first blog feature as Brooks Scribner Photography! The lovely blog, Delightfully Engaged, featured this gorgeous session with two of my wonderful clients, Corrie & Phil.  See the feature here.

Engagement sessions are one of my favorite things to shoot. And, the reason I love them so much is because of how unique they are! It is a chance to truly capture a relationship as it’s best.

I absolutely LOVE that Corrie & Phil chose to have their engagement session at King Street Station, and then travel out to pioneer square and Century Link Field. Those locations totally represent what their lives are like right now. They are huge Sounders fans, Corrie loves her job, and they both love Seattle. It was the perfect choice. Beyond that fact, it was a truly unique choice. They will forever have photos that no one else has.

Here are a few more of my favorites from their session… can’t wait until their wedding this April!

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a brand new blog…

At the beginning of this year, my husband Garrett and I sat down and seriously talked about our goals. They weren’t so much New Years Resolutions, but more a laundry list of things we’d like to do , this year, and in our lives. Some goals needed immediate attention, while others went into the “someday” category. One of my personal/business goals was to start blogging again.

It’s been about a year since I’ve had a blog. It was a good hiatus (a life-changingly good year off). In my year off I got married (to my best friend), travelled to London for the first time (for our honeymoon), shot a wedding in Hawaii, built my business in the Seattle area, and thoroughly enjoyed it all. It’s been wonderful. And, now I am ready to blog again. Ready to write, and ready to share my work (and my thoughts on it).

My general feeling about goals is that they are more powerful when they are stated, and that power increases with ever person you share them with. So, I would like to start this blog by sharing my goals with you! Be prepared, these are widely ranging from seemingly trivial, to life changing events. It really runs the gamut here…

FOR 2012

  • go to a live music show once a month (this month we saw Allen Stone at The Neptune, and it was amazingly fun).
  • visit the local art museum
  • date night with my husband once a week
  • go to the symphony
  • work out 3-4 times a week
  • take 6 hikes
  • start blogging
  • drink at least 4 cups of water a day
  • keep a food journal
  • travel to new york city
  • go over our budget quarterly
  • donate to kexp
  • take a day trip to the mountains
  • get an iPad
  • spend a weekend in vancouver
  • visit jen in dc (and meet her beautiful babies!)
  • cook more
  • read 12 novels
  • read 4 business related books
  • keep my car clean
  • take at least 2 professional development classes or webinars


  • travel to Napa Valley for wine tours and dinner at The French Laundry
  • own a house
  • visit Turkey and sail the blue coast
  • take a trip to France & Italy
  • have 2 children
  • go to Disneyland with Garrett
  • avoid buying a minivan
  • take an intense cooking class
  • go to Tokyo
  • invest

Well, there you have it! One goal accomplished, and many more to set my sights on!

What are your goals for this year? Or, for someday? I’d love to hear some or all of them!




photo credit Lonnie Webb


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