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    i love my husband. he is truly my best friend.
    my daughter, vivian darling, has made my world even bigger & better.
    i love dance.
    i studied graphic design in college.
    seattle is the best. and, i love living here.
    i love music.
    a good cup of coffee can make my day.
    i love food & sharing a meal with friends.
    i love a good story. i am addicted to books & movies.

    i love to photograph people.

liz: class of 2018 senior model {seattle senior pictures}

seattle_senior_pictures_7I’m so excited to introduce my Class of 2018 Senior Model team to you all! I’ve just started shooting with them, and let me just say, if Liz is any indication of how this year will go, it’s going to be FANTASTIC. Read on to learn more about Liz, her session and her tips for other seniors…

BSP Class of 2018 Senior Model: Liz

H. M. Jackson High School – Mill Creek, WA

Describes her personality as: “I’d like to think of myself as a bubbly, and upbeat person. I am very committed to the things that I set my mind to. I love to make people laugh and joke around as much as possible while still getting work done both on time and to a t.”
In her free time you’ll likely find her:  “Out on a jog, exploring around to discover new places (especially places where I can get the best looking food), watching movies, or watching Buzzfeed videos like I often do.”
Her style: “My style is relatively casual but I always am looking to expand my wardrobe with interesting and eye catching pieces. I love edgy and trendy pieces mixed with classic and casual pieces as well. I find myself gravitating towards even bohemian looking pieces sometimes, with lots of layering of jewelry, flowy, comfortable pieces with neutral, earthy tones on occasion as well.”
Loves high school because: “What I love most about high school is the moments that I know I won’t get to experience once I graduate. I am a cheerleader at Jackson and so I really cherish the nights I get to spend under the lights or on the court cheering on the team. I love being able to spend weekend nights surrounded by my best friends and not having to worry about much, besides the paper I have due the next day… that I evidently have not started.”
Life after high school: “I am most looking forward to being completely independent after high school. I’m excited to be out on my own in the world, while that sounds scary, I’m excited to be able to make my own way in the world and truly understand what it means to be an adult. I plan to attend a four year university (hopefully New York University) and then build my future and career from there.”
A fun fact about Liz: “I can sing almost any Justin Bieber or One Direction song from heart, while it might not be too wonderful sounding. But we all went through that fan girl stage (at least I hope it wasn’t just me).”
Her favorite thing about her shoot: “My favorite thing about the shoot was how easy and natural everything felt. I was really able to be myself and I felt like that came out in my pictures which was amazing. And the weather took a break from pouring down rain too so that helped LOL.”
Tips for other seniors: “One tip I have would be pack outfits that make you feel the most comfortable. I tried to pick outfits that I felt kind of edgy and trendy in but also still like myself and how I would dress regularly.”
Outfit details: “The outfits I chose were mainly from H&M (as my mom would try to say to be hip “ballin on a budget”). I really enjoyed wearing a black monochromatic outfit with varied textures to mix it up a bit but still wear something that I would have normally!”
A special thank you to Angela Rodriguez for Liz’s gorgeous makeup.
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mary: class of 2017 {senior pictures}


Class of 2017 Senior: Mary

Kamiak High School

Loves high school because of: “the wonderful people! I have made so many new friends. My schoolmates are so energetic and passionate about many things. Also, the teachers at Kamiak are super kind and supportive.”

Activities: Mary has been a member of the Kamiak Dance Team since her freshman year. She says Dance Team has changed her whole world and that being on the Dulcineas is like having a second family with 29 sassy and loving sisters! She is also involved in many other clubs like National Honors Society, Key Club, Kamiak Model United Nations, and Kamiak Leadership!

In her free time you can find her: “spending time with my family and friends, dancing, studying, watching movies, cooking and eating, reading, and traveling! Every Saturday and Sunday I volunteer at the Imagine Children’s Museum in Everett. I love helping out at the Museum’s Spanish music class for toddlers and babies!”

Describes her style as: “very girly and sweet… I love pink, flowers, dresses, and high heels, but I also love more comfy things like my overalls, converse high tops, and rompers.”

Looking forward to life after high school because: she plans to attend college and earn my doctorate. She’d like to either be a pediatric nurse or a human rights lawyer. One of her biggest dreams is to serve on the Supreme Court! She also hopes to travel, see many parts of the world and meet many different people!

A note for Mary: I just loved shooting your senior portraits at your grandparents’ farm! What an amazing surprise to find out that you grandmother was once my ballet teacher! It’s like it was meant to be. Mary, I love your positive energy, your curiosity and your laugh. You were just so fun to work with!


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chau: class of 2017 {seattle senior pictures}


Class of 2017 Senior: Chau

Kamiak High School

Loves high school because: of the people and the amount of freedom she has compared to middle school.

Activities: Chau is involved in National Honor Society and she is on the tennis team.

In her free time you can find her: “either drawing or just watching my favorite tv shows such as The Bachelorette and The Blacklist. If not, I’ll be out and about with my friends at the mall or we would go on a lunch date.”

Describes her style as: “I am a very girly person, so my style is girly and colorful. I love floral and cute prints! Even though my style is girly and fun, I also like to wear casual clothes.”

Looking forward to life after high school because: “My hopes for life after high school is to attend a university near home, such as UW or WSU, and aspire to become a pharmacist.”

A note for Chau: I just loved shooting your senior portraits at the Rose Garden! What a fun location to show both the girly & casual sides to your personality. I hope your photos make your feel great! I think you look absolutely stunning.


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bsp graduation announcements: 2017

It’s time to start thinking about your graduation announcements, and this year we are proud to be offering 3 new designs!

DESIGN 1: Adventure FRONTAdventureAwaits-SAMPLE-Front

DESIGN 1: Adventure BACKAdventureAwaits-SAMPLE-Back

DESIGN 2: Congrats FRONT


DESIGN 2: Congrats BACK


DESIGN 3: Graduate FRONT


DESIGN 3: Graduate BACK



This year, I am loving the clean design of these 3 different options. They show off your photos in the best way possible. The beautiful & on-trend typography makes my graphic designer heart happy!

All three of these designs will be printed on high quality premium paper stock and sized at 5×7 (ie. nice, big and definitely worthy of being displayed).

If you are looking for something a little different, BSP seniors may also choose from our past designs, which can be found at this blog post here.

Contact me at if you are interested in ordering!

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