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  • about me…

    i love my husband. he is truly my best friend.
    my daughter, vivian darling, has made my world even bigger & better.
    i love dance.
    i studied graphic design in college.
    seattle is the best. and, i love living here.
    i love music.
    a good cup of coffee can make my day.
    i love food & sharing a meal with friends.
    i love a good story. i am addicted to books & movies.

    i love to photograph people.

class of 2018 bsp senior models: group shoot {part 2}


The second half of our Class of 2018 Model Team shoot happened out on the Seattle waterfront. It was windy and the sun was starting to get low in the sky. We took the opportunity to get some glowy photos of each individual girl, and just a few of the group. The girls chose a more boho type of look and I love it! It all just goes so perfectly with the breezy summer air coming off the Sound.

If you missed part one of our group shoot, check it out here.


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annika: class of 2018 {seattle senior pictures}


Class of 2018 Senior: Annika

Kamiak High School – Mukilteo, WA

Favorite thing about high school: “My favorite thing about high school is how being able to watch everybody change from freshman year to senior year because it is such a huge difference & everybody matures so much.”

Activities: “For the past couple of years I have been involved in the orchestra at my school playing the violin. Earlier in April, I took a trip with the orchestra to Germany and it was so amazing to travel to Europe with my friends and meeting new people over there as well!”

In my free time you will likely find me… “hanging out with my friends, or brushing up on my photography and videography skills.”

Hopes for after high school: “… going to community college to save money, or possibly going to Western Washington University for the “build your own major” program at Fairhaven to take film production classes.”

Personal style: “I would describe my personal style as Casual, or sometimes Modern-Throwback style with my high waisted pants, crop tops, and scrunchies. I will also jump on any opportunity to dress up with Heels and a cute/edgy outfit for a night in the city!”
A note for Annika: You are awesome. I have loved getting to know you a bit through shoots (with friends and your own). I can’t wait to see where your creative passions take you!


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anna: class of 2017 {Edmonds-Woodway High School Senior Pictures}


Class of 2017 Senior: Anna

Edmonds-Woodway High School – Edmonds, WA

Favorite part of high school: “My favorite part of highschool has been being a cheerleader. I’m a bit of a shy person so cheer has helped me be involved in my school, as well as helped me meet so many different types of people. I have also enjoyed becoming close friends with people that I did not know before high school.”

Activities: “I have been a varsity cheerleader for four years now. I tried out for the cheerleading team at EWHS when I was in 8th grade for my freshman year of highschool, and I loved cheer so much that I stuck with it through all of high school. I am cheer captain this year, and after being on the team for three years I wanted to take on a leadership role to help my team become the best cheerleaders and representatives of the school that we can be.”

In her free time, you’ll likely find her: “having dance parties with my best friends to Korean pop music, as well as watching korean television dramas. I also enjoy trying new types of food, so my friends and I do frequently go try new restaurants together.”

Hopes for after high school: “After high school I hope to go to a four year university, where I hope to study language and communications. I also hope to study abroad in Spain and Korea. I love travelling, and I want to have that as a part of my college experience.”

Personal style: “I like to think of myself as a not-so-stereotypical cheerleader. I am an incredibly nerdy person who grew up on videogames and anime, and my style has been greatly influenced by that and Korean pop music. I have more of an edgy style, and I love anything in black, gray, leather, and stripes. I am still a really girly person, but I’m not a huge fan of florals and pinks and whatnot.”


A note for Anna: I just LOVED meeting you. I love that you are enthusiastic about your interests and passions… That you wanted to look like your authentic self in your photos. Your energy and positivity is just contagious and it shows in your photos. Best of luck, and send me a postcard from Korea & Spain!


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emily v.: class of 2017


Class of 2017 Senior: Emily

Kamiak High School – Mukilteo, WA

Loves high school because: “My favorite parts of high school are definitely the arts programs that I am so lucky to be a part of, choir and drama! My favorite academic subjects are certainly English and History! At school, I typically find myself gravitating towards the PAC, which has really become a second home to me these past few years. In the music department, I am involved in advanced choir, barbershop, and choir council. In the theatre department, I’m involved with Dramafest, the Winter Play, and the Spring Musical, and this year I’m in the Performance class, and on drama council. Outside the PAC, I love challenging myself in my academic classes by taking honors and AP courses, specifically AP English, History, and Biology.”

In her free time, you’ll likely find her: “…singing with my friends in choir or jazz! I probably spend around 10 hours a week outside of school with the barbershop girls both practicing and hanging out, which is way more fun than it sounds. As a choir kid, I also spend an inordinate amount of time listening to choral music and praying that my choir will sing my favorite pieces someday. When I’m not music-ing, I’m usually studying, watching movies, organizing my massive vinyl collection, or baking! I’m a huge movie nerd, so I also enjoy nagging my friends about watching movies I think they would enjoy and re-watching my favorites. I’m also an avid baker! I love making cupcakes from scratch and decorating them with the myriad of decorations and cupcake accessories I have accumulated over the past few years. I love making my friends a dozen of their favorite cupcakes for their birthdays too!”
After high school: “…I plan to attend a four year university (hopefully UW!) and study biology (pre-med) and English in preparation for med school where I plan to study to become an ob/gyn. In the future, I hope to practice medicine in a clinic or hospital and work to make a difference in women’s health issues both nationally and globally. “
Personal style: “I would describe my personal style as casual and pretty comfortable, but pretty cute and a little more dressy (most of the time). My friends often call me the ‘Nordstrom Hipster.’ I am a huge fan of sweaters, coats and cardigans, which is one reason why I decided to do my pictures a bit later in the season. I tend to dress primarily in darker colors and thicker, more wintery materials, which makes summer sort of hard!”
A note for Emily: You are all kinds of adorable! Loved getting to know you a bit this summer. It was fun to meet you at your friends’ senior portrait sessions and then get to shoot yours! I wish you ALL the best at UW this year!
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class of 2018 bsp senior models: group shoot {part 1}


I’ve had senior models for the past 7 years, but my model team has grown into something very different over the past two.

They’re an actual team now.

We get together for brunch, coffee, makeup lessons… but, my favorite new tradition is our annual group shoot. I just LOVE working with my team to come up with the shoot location, styling, and feel. I love bringing together girls from different high schools. And, this year, I loved bringing them to my happy place. Pike Place Market.

We had coffee (and cookies!). We walked the market. We bought flowers. We laughed a LOT. We ate at Dick’s on the way home. It was the perfect summer evening.

Here are a few faves from the first part of our Pike Place shoot. Look for a second installment soon!



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